With Memorial Day Weekend right around the corner I thought it would a good time to go over one of the most grueling Summer issues – HAIR REMOVAL! So, today I’m partnering up with my friends at Completely Bare to bring you my favorite products to get rid of those unwanted, pesky hairs!

To give you a little bit of background I am Middle Eastern and hair is definitely an issue for me! I’m not ashamed to admit that. As a kid I could not wait for the day when my mother would let me get rid of my leg and armpit hair! Shaving was a major NO from the beginning and my first experience with hair removal was waxing on the floor of my neighbors kitchen. All I could remember was the pain and how MESSY it was! I literally thought to myself that I rather be hairy than go through that experience again.

Naturally, that is not what happened and I did move to other methods of hair removal…which was a terrible idea. Over the years, with experience and age I learned that the pain was well worth the choice to wax. I’ve recently been using some of the Completely Bare products and have seen such a change in about a month! My biggest problem areas are definitely the underarms and bikini line, two areas that totally inhibit me from wearing a bikini comfortably by the pool or beach. I love the Completely Bare Bikini Bump Blast which are wet pods that you wipe over your bikini line area. They help prevent ingrown hairs (the worst!) by clearing away dead skin cells which clog hair follicles. I also am a fan of their Don’t Grow Their Moisturizer. I just lather that baby on all over after a shower and it smells absolutely amazing with Lemongrass and green tea extra.

But, my favorite product of theirs has got to be the Ready, Set, Wax Set ! Literally painless and it comes with these amazing ready packed wipes to remove any sticky product from your body. They also come in a variety of sizes that are fit for the different areas of your body.

I spent some much needed time in the bathroom yesterday prepping my skin for MDW which will have me poolside in a bikini! And for the first time in a long time I don’t feel self-conscience about my body hair!


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