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July 09, 2016


The summer heatwave has officially hit Los Angeles (I'm talking 100+ degree weather!) and it's almost impossible to dress for it. For any of you who live in extremely warm destinations you know what I mean, your clothes stick to your body from head to toe, you sweat profusely with every move and unfortunately bikinis do not fit the dress code in most places. Over the years and after living and growing up in LA where it is above 80 degrees 360 days of the year I find that cotton is the only fabric that helps me stay cool because it's breathable and so lightweight.

Now when I think of a cotton dress I automatically think of a simple, plain t-shirt style but cotton is SO versatile. You can find everything from beautiful formal wear to professional work wear in 100% cotton or even cotton blends. Contrary to popular belief, cotton does not equal plain or boring. In fact, I recently found this sassy off the shoulder Storets dress and guess what...it is 100% cotton. To me this is the perfect summer dress. It's comfortable with the fit and flare style, it's unique and trendy with colorful embroidery and it's cotton! I literally wore this three times last week and didn't wash it once. You might think gross (just like Emin did) but because cotton is so breathable it doesn't retain odor so you can wear it a couple of times before washes.

I'm a huge fan of the textile, it is probably my favorite to wear. What are some of your favorite cotton items in your clothes? Let me know in the comment section below. Remember to always stay #CoolerInCotton and check out CoolerInCotton.com!

Wearing: Dress - Storets, Heels - Windsor, Bag - Forever21, Sunglasses - Woodzee, Hat - Nuvo.10

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  1. What a pretty dress, I love the embroidery

  2. Oh wow, sounds like it really is super hot weather in LA!! You're looking so adorable in this outfit, it's super girly and perfect for summer. :)


  3. so nice pics- = = ))))

    i invite to me too


  4. Such a cute outfit! Love the sandals:)



  5. I love your style, and seriously don't understand why you don't have a larger following! This dress fits you perfectly, and I love the fact that it cinches in at the waist line. Cotton is such a mainstream fabric, but I have fallen in love with it when it's woven perfectly soft. :) x

    Kyia at WANDERLUSTGIRL// lifestyle & beauty

  6. That dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love the embroidered details.
    Penniless Socialite


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