As a woman, I am a firm believer that the “getting ready” process is a ritual. Each of us has our own customs, methods and flow. Some do their hair before their makeup, while others pick out their outfits before the beauty process. It wasn’t until a few months ago that I realized how obsessed I was with my “steps” and I only realized it while shooting some behind the scenes make up tutorials on my InstaStories. After my 5th time I came to realize that I am a creature of habit and most (if not all) of my steps were the same except for the spontaneous play on colors with my lipsticks and shadows.
If you do watch my Get Ready With Me InstaStories you will find that I do my make up before my hair starting with my face, moving on to my brows, eyes and finally lips. My hair is more or less the same, easy, messy (the messier the better!) waves. There is always some Pandora blasting…preferably the Chet Faker or Melody Gardot stations. They always put me in such a good mood! My outfit is picked prior to the beauty process just to make sure the two compliment one another.
My final step before dashing out the door is spraying Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant. It’s one of my favorites to date! I love the Original Clean scent and trust me when I say that I tend to sweat…a lot! Los Angeles is almost always 75 degrees or higher and I need something that can keep odors and wetness away. It’s especially important for me to have dry underarms when running from event to event or meeting to meeting. What’s great about Dove Dry Spray is that it goes on instantly dry (perfect for my on-the-go lifestyle!) and also offers skincare benefits with its ¼ moisturizing formula. Smelling good is the first step to feeling good and being confident!
With Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant you can just #ShakeSprayandGo and have 48-hour protection. What are some of your beauty rituals? What helps you feel confident before you dash out the door to take on your day?

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