I’ve been 30 for 3 weeks now and I can honestly say that I feel different. Different in the best way possible. I wasn’t scared of turning 30, I was ready for it. In the last 10 years I’ve seen so much growth and change within myself and in my life. The girl I was at 20 is vastly different from the woman I am today. Countless jobs, boyfriends, late nights and hangovers later has led me here and I’m proud of where I stand.

I wanted to share 10 things I learned in my 20’s (some of which I wish I had known back then!) in hopes that it helps all you 20-Somethings out there!

1. Make Sacrifices for your Future

I included this first because it’s one of the few things that I did in my 20’s that wasn’t about being young, reckless and stupid. I made sacrifices, especially in my mid to late 20’s. I decided to stay home on weekends or skip out on a pool party to shoot content for my blog. These little sacrifices helped me accomplish so much in the bigger scheme of things. I found my passion early on and worked on my time off to make it a reality. 

2. Don’t Waste (too much) Time on Boys (or girls)

I say (too much) in parenthesis because it’s healthy and important to date…especially when you’re young! Dating helps you figure out what you like and dislike in a partner. I unfortunately learned this the hard way and spent a little too much time dwelling over boys. Don’t waste your precious 23 year old time sad and heartbroken (easier said than done)! But trust me the right one will come along when you least expect it.

3. Know your Self-Worth

This is something I still battle with but have made much progress in! Knowing your own self-worth, especially in the work place. I used to never speak up about my pay, or my workload or any of that because I didn’t value myself or my worth. Know that you are an asset, that you are young and hungry and eager. And you probably know more than you think you do!

4. Say Yes to Adventures

Go on as many wild adventures as possible. Just GO GO GO! You don’t have a mortgage, baby or business to think about, you’re as free as can be. This is the time to really be selfish and experience all that you can. Adventures make life worth it and the memories and stories you create are worth more than anything!

5. Make LOTS of Mistakes

I used to beat myself up SO bad if I made mistakes…at work…at school…with friends. But make them and don’t be afraid to. Mistakes teach you better than perfection ever will. Use your 20’s to make mistakes, learn from them and apply them when your older.

6. Find your True Tribe

Remember all the random parties you used to go to with all the random people? Yes, that was fun…but as you get into your late 20’s focus your time and attention on the people that matter. A handful of great friends that are on the same wave length and path as you are are worth more than being “popular” and having a booming social calendar.

7. Seize every Opportunity

Have a job but an amazing unpaid internship comes along? DO THEM BOTH! Seize every opportunity that comes your way and don’t make excuses like being “tired”. You’re in your 20’s there is no time for tired! Do as much as you can and fill your life with experiences, your brain with as much information as possible and your heart with lots and lots of love. At one point I was a full time student, had a part-time job and TWO part-time internships. It was a hell of a ride but worth it!

8. Take Care of your Skin (and health in general!)

This is a huge one that I wish I would have known then… especially when it comes to skin! I spent many nights sleeping with my make-up on and hours under the sun with no SPF. Sure my skin was great then but the “no skin care routine” really made a mark years later. Take care of your skin now so the aftermath is not so bad!

9. Follow your Own Timeline

We all compare ourselves, it’s a part of human nature but remember to follow your own path and timeline. Some of my friends graduated from college in the standard 4 years…and guess what? It took me 6! Life isn’t meant for a rigid timeline of events and don’t put that pressure on yourself! You’ll get to where you’re going in your own pace.

10. It’s Okay to NOT have it figured Out

I’m 30 and I still don’t have it all figured out…and that’s okay. Make the best of each day and do as much as you can with what you have. Just enjoy the ride and the experiences along the way.


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