I truly can’t believe 2018 is coming to an end. Every year seems to rush by faster and faster, with a blink of an eye its simply gone. 2018 had its ups and downs but I can confidently say it was my most successful year to date. 30 catapulted me into another level professionally and personally.

I saw so much growth in my career as a blogger and influencer and I truly believe it was because of the way I started off my year. I started 2018 strong. When I look back at my year I see a woman who was hungry for more, more from herself, her career and her life. I saw a woman who had a vision and who believed in herself. I saw a woman bursting with positivity and a love for her life.

I took some time to reflect on 2018 and I can see that those things began to fade…I became heavy and carried around a certain sadness. I still don’t know what sparked the change but there was a huge shift in my demeanor mid-year.

I’m still discovering and working through the rough patches but with this post I hope to spark that fire up again by setting my goals and intentions for 2019. I’m excited for all that’s to come!

I decided to break up my goals in two – professional and personal.


  • I want to create content that matters and that adds value to the world and those who come across it. Of course there will always be fashion, what I’m wearing and where I’m going but I want to continue the momentum of 2018 and talk about the BIG things. Eating disorders, body issues, sadness, sleep deprivation…ALL of it!
  • I want to create something that is my own…something tangible. Whether it’s a hat collaboration, a bag with my name on it, a book with my words. I want to create something that others can purchase and have in their home.
  • In 2018 I traveled my butt off and towards the end I realized I want to travel less, maybe it’s the age…maybe it’s the other things I want in life (which I will get to). I want to curate my travels and visit only a few big places from my bucket list: Hawaii, Portugal and Peru.
  • 2019 is my year for video content. Raw IGTV vlogs, home renovation updates, look books and more! I plan on posting 2-3 videos a week!
  • I discovered my love for photography and editing in 2018 and I’d like to explore the potential of being behind the camera in 2019. I know, SO weird! But I really enjoy shooting other people and want to get into photography professionally.
  • This goal is a work in progress because it’s been on my list for about 2 years, blog consistently. I always come back to blog consistently because this is where my love of this job came from and I can’t let myself forget that!


  • Simply said I want to be kinder to myself. At 30 I think it’s time for true self-love. My self-love path starts now!
  • I want to put an end to the comparison game. I often compare myself to others and it’s a personal flaw i’ve dealt with since I was a child. Call it my Achilles’ heel. I’m going to take baby steps and get some professional help to overcome comparing myself to others.
  • I never thought this would be on my list but with a new home I finally want to learn to cook and learn to enjoy it! A new kitchen needs a new chef.
  • With our big purchase of a new home I want to set roots and create an inspiring home that fills my soul. Think unique vintage finds and little beautiful corners to escape to. My home is my big personal 2019 project!
  • It was time to publicly state that in 2019 I want to start a family and fill our home with babies! I have honestly had baby fever all year long and it came to surface mid-year. I feel ready, Emin and I feel ready and we are just excited for that new chapter in our lives!

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