I’ve been blogging for what feels like an eternity and I’ve learned a ton of things along the way, the most helpful being angles and photography. If you search my blog “Stiletto Beats” or my name (formerly) “Emily Jenny” you’ll find an exorbitant amount of images of various different styles.

Let me just say that it took me years and years to figure out what I like and don’t like in my photos.
I want to also provide a huge disclaimer. This is how I personally take my photos and what I personally like. There is no right or wrong way to take streetstyle/fashion blog photos.
I’m simply sharing my style and method. If you like the direction of my photography then keep on reading!
1. Full Body Shots – It’s safe to say that the full body outfit shot is THE shot you want to nail. It shows every aspect of your look: shoes, bag, bottoms etc. I take my outfit shots from a very low angle. My photographer, Enzie Photo kneels down with one knee on the floor (for stability) and holds the camera straight out, about two feet from the floor.
This creates an amazing backdrop and depth of field. Notice how you can see directly down the alley in the first photo. In the second photo the background is 90% the pavement/floor.
I also like to have a lot of space around me. Notice how I am filling up the full frame in the “NOT THIS” photo…filling up the frame will make it hard to crop your full outfit shot into Instagram.

 2. 3/4 Shot – The 3/4 shot is one of my favorite shots to take! It provides more detail into your outfit but still includes a majority of the look.

My 3/4 shots are taken from the stomach/chest region…say what? Yup, Enzie Photo first holds the camera right in the middle of her chest/stomach and then takes a step back and looks through the viewfinder to take the shot.

Again, this provides an accurate, aesthetically pleasing backdrop but is not taken as low as the full body shot.

I frame myself from about two inches below the knee and up and always ask for a lot of space above me.

The second photo is not bad but I find that it doesn’t capture the scene. This would also be a nightmare to crop into Instagram as you would either have a portrait shot of just your face or a detail shot without your face. You would not be able to have the full image on your feed.

3. Sitting Shots – Now this shot is purely based on preference because I honestly like both but for different reasons.

If you are planning on posting a full body shot of your outfit (sitting) then the first photo is what I like to do. I have my photographer kneel down to exactly where I am and take the shot (basically she is sitting on the floor with me). The camera is flush/parallel to where I am. I typically have little to no space on the bottom of the photo and a lot of space up top.

The second shot works great for outfit details (see below). I simply cropped my face out. This shot is taken from above with the photographer standing up rather than sitting.


Once I found the shots that worked for me I decided to add movement and interesting angles to my photos. Walk around, whip your hair, swing your arms, kick your feet. Have your photographer slightly tilt the camera to capture special shots.
But, ultimately HAVE FUN with it and ignore the stares!
Top – Nasty Gal
Shoes – Revolve



photos by Enzie Photo


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